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Cannonball Jane Street Vernacular
Fortuna Pop


Article written by Paul M
Jan 1, 2006.


By day, Sharon Hagopian is a school music teacher, but by night, ensconced with a four track in her bedroom, she transforms into a pretty amazing one woman band. This UK release of an album originally issued via a small US label back in 2003, gives her an opportunity to introduce her lo-fi nuggets to an audience this side of the pond.

Thereís a wealth of intriguing styles and influences in evidence; from Cappuccino quaffing clever-clever indie to shoo-bee-doo-ing 60s girl pop, three chord electro-punk to scuzzy classical, fuzzy garage pop to sample dripping beat hop. With a terrific half hourís worth of catchy riffs and cutey-pie tunes, Cannonball Jane has certainly crash landed into the affections of this listener.