Cannonball Jane - Street Vernacular


UK VIA THOSE LOVELY INDIE FOLKS AT FORTUNA POP!, this homemade slice of diy electro-lo-fi alt.pop is a subtle little beast that reveals more reasons for adoration with each spin. though this is to be expected considering cannonball jane knows a thing or two in regards to the creation of music. sharon hagopian, aka cannonball jane, is a music teacher by day, helping young urchins discover the dark art of making music during the day, and puts her advise into practise at night, is asking for some serious grief and trouble if the kids find out that teacher has a life beyond marking homework assignments.

but, as this is a rather nice little album i suspect that the kids are going to end up perfectly fine, slipknot it aint. instead, the music is a mix of old school funky drum loops (sampled/home made), piano's and all manner of extras like xylophones and chimes, war sirens, wonderful analogue synths, and plenty of layered vocals, all matched up against some addictively twee girl pop melodies that would melt the most hardened of souls, should the chance ever arise.

WHILE THE BUDGET IS MINIMAL, THE BREADTH OF IDEAS ISN'T, from the rocked up 'brave new world', with its wonderfully cheezy hammond organ and fuzz guitars, to the beatbox fun of 'fine reminder', the flute and handclapped enhanced 'automatic knockout', the welcome left hand turns come at you from all 4-multi track directions. there is a slight element of go! teams naive charm and cheerful exuberance within these short 11 tracks which just about break the 30 minute mark, but hey, what a joyous happy fun packed half hour this album provides.