Cannonball Jane “Street Vernacular” (Fortuna POP! 2006) One woman whirlwind Sharon Hagopian is a Brooklyn elementary school music teacher by day, and by night the whole of lo-fi genre crossing punk hip hop project Cannonball Jane. Composed and recorded at her home with synthesisers, guitars, tambourines, turntables and beatboxes amongst other equipment, Hagopian has created a wonderful and strange mix of early 80s hip hop and 1960s girl group. This is simply great fun to listen to, from the punky energy of “Hey! Hey! Alright!” to the more reflective “The Force Of Gravity”, where Hagopian’s Sarah Cracknell-esque voice is multitracked with ersatz Spectorian flourish. Throughout Hagopian blends her love of classical music with various contemporary influences to novel effect, best illustrated by the track “Brave New World” which features a sample from PacMan whilst referencing Mozart. This could all run the risk of seeming gimmicky, but somehow it  JA - December 2005