The Times

January 06, 2006


Cannonball Jane


Street Vernacular
Fortuna Pop!


Cannonball Jane pitches herself for fans of the Go! Team, St Etienne and sassy girl-group pop. Enjoy any of these and you will love her frothy, infectious sampledelica. The opener, Slumber Party, is a rollocking gem built around a Carole King-inspired piano riff. Fine Reminder mixes dreamy doo-wop oohs and aahs with old-school breaks and beats; and Brave New World has hand claps and a mood that matches Air’s Kelly Watch the Stars for euphoria. It could all be a musical car crash, but charm and sassy beats win the day. And to complete this mini-masterpiece’s feel-good credentials: by day Jane is a music teacher, Sharon Hagopian, and she recorded it in her bedroom.